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Hi guys, As I already shared many articles on Money making tips, education tips, ad publisher tips, awards tips and india's tips  Today I am going to share a first article about making money which is the easiest method for all to earn good money just by sharing the links.
You can earn a lot of money by this tricks. For that we should be associated with more and more people. Exa. Facebook, Twitter, google plus, youtube, and whatsapp. You can earn a lot of money. we always share website links with our friends especially on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube etc. Some blogger or other people also share downloading links in their blog/websites or through emails. It is very easy procces just convert any of your url like your link in blog,  websites, facebook, twitter, google or other links and promote it any where you want. 

What is ?

All advertising is strictly family-safe with no popups. Anti-virus and malware servers are scanning the adverts 24/7. Most of the people use Adfly because it is an old and legal, trusted company to earn money on short links and which takes best care of it’s customers.

Adfly is old and one of the best trusted company which is pays on time. is an one of the most popular and trusted URL shortening company. You can get approx  $5 per 1000 views by promoting your shorten URL. Just register for an account and start shrinking URLs. You will get paid when anyone visits on your URLs.The main thing we like about Adfly is that the minimum payout is $5 which is best than other companies.  With you can earn upto 5$ per 1000 views to your Shorten links.  It is a trusted company and you can get your payment through Paypal. about information

5$ per 1000 views to your Shorten links.

Payment Method: Minimum Payout 5$ by Paypal, Payza or AlertPay.

Referral Earnings 20% Earnings For Lifetime.

How to join ?

Frist go to 

Then Find Join now options and clik there.

Then opened new page.

There showing Signup Form, 

See screenshot.

See above Screenshot. and fill there all empty box.

Enter Your Name

Enter Username

Enter your Email address.

Enter retype email address.

Make password

Retype password

Select Account Type : Link shortner

Enter captcha on captcha box.

Now waite 1 to 7 days for approval. 

Now your account is reddy for creating short links. 

Make lot of short link and share Facebook, twitter, or other site and earn more.

We hope you like these link short link sites. If you have any best URL shortener network which we have skipped, please leave you comment we will review and update it as soon as possible.