Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize

What is the Nobel Prize and when founded ? 
Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel founded Bernard (Bernhard) Nobel's 1901 e. Was in. Alfred Bernard (Bernhard) Nobel was born in 1833 AD. The city was born in Stockholm in Sweden. At the age of nine with his family moved to Russia. Alfred Nobel, a Swedish scientist and chemical engineer who was unmarried 1866 AD. Discovered the dynamite. After his death in 1896 to the Swedish people to know about the awards, when he Pdai his will, which he received all of the money was donated to help the awards annual income. 

In his will, he had ordered the "most qualified person, whether or not Skedinavien shall receive the reward." Leaving the interest on the money they annually are divided between those who sciences, literature, peace and economics have made outstanding contributions in the field. World's most prestigious award, "the Nobel Foundation is provided by the help.

Nobel Prize 2015:
Three scientists for Nobel chemistry :: chemistry Lindal Thomas (Thomas Lindal), Paul Moderis (Paul Modrich) and Aziz Sankr (Aziz Sancar) for studies on DNA repair the 2015 Nobel Prize in chemistry features.

Physics Nobel :: The two scientists were jointly awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize. Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm said Japan Takaki Kjita (Takaaki Kajita) and Canadian Bikmakdonld Arthur (Arthur B. McDonald) has been jointly these Nobel

Nobel in medicine: Ireland-born Nobel Prize for 2015 William Campbell (William C. Campbell), China UU tu (Tu Youyou) and Japan's Satoshi Omura (Satoshi Omura) has won

Nobel peace: Tunisian Association for 2015 National Dialogue Quartet (National Dialogue Quartet) is the Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel literature: Eleksivich Belarusian writer Svetlana (Svetlana Alexievich) of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature has been.

Economics Nobel: Rinstn Diton University economist Angus (Angus Deaton) consumption (consumption) for the extensive work of the Nobel Prize in Economics for 2015 will be

Nobel, inventor of dynamite Alfred Nobel started by the Swedish scientist and in the will was written in 1895 year. Year 1901 was the first Nobel Prize. Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm in 1833 the city of Sweden. Alfred Nobel was a scientist and chemical engineer who invented dynamite in 1866.

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